Solar Project

Wells Sanitary District Solar Project – 2017

In 2017, Wells Sanitary District (WSD) entered into a power purchase agreement with ReVision Energy, a Maine-based solar power company. ReVision Energy built the solar power array at WSD’s treatment facility at minimal cost to WSD. The array includes 440 solar panels and electrical equipment that delivers 120 kilowatts to the wastewater treatment facility. Currently, the solar array provides 15%-20% of WSD’s power at the treatment facility. If the solar array produces extra power that WSD cannot use, the extra power goes to the electrical grid for credits from the power company.

WSD’s up-front costs were $5,000 for excavation services to install electrical conduit. ReVision Energy paid for the rest of the system installation, which began running in November 2017. WSD will purchase power from ReVision Energy for 6 years at a rate lower than the rate paid to the power company. In year 7 (2024), WSD will purchase the solar array for less than half the original installation cost. The expected 5-year payback period will begin in 2024 and end in 2029.

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